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Various UMM Reports

Note: The Office of Institutional Research at UMM compiles many data reports not listed here. Please contact OIR ( if the data you need is not found on the OIR Web site.
New Student Characteristics (comparisons/trends for High School Rank, ACT scores, ethnic background):

Student Origin Report (enrollment trends by Minnesota counties, states, 7-county metro, surrounding counties, and age):

Resource Allocation Review Data (trends in majors, graduates, advising, faculty, student credit hours, course offerings by discipline):

Student/Faculty Ratios:

Annual Reports:
Student Ratings of Teaching (SRT)
, Fall 2008 to present, and
Student Opinions of Teaching (SOT)
Note: SRT Procedures

University of Minnesota Accountability Report: (annual report to the Board of Regents in September):

Retention for Students of Color:

Dean's List: