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University of Minnesota, Morris
2004-05 Annual Reports
Table of Contents

To view each unit's annual report in HTML format, simply click on the name of the unit. To download a copy of the unit's report in PDF format (view with Adobe/Acrobat Reader), click on the "PDF doc" link to the right of the unit name.

Academic Affairs

Academic Assistance Center/Disability Services    (PDF Doc)
Advising Support Services    (PDF Doc)
Center for International Programs    (PDF Doc)
Computing Services    (PDF Doc)
Continuing Education, Regional Programs and Summer Session    (PDF Doc)
            Center for Small Towns    (PDF Doc)
Grants Development    (PDF Doc)
Library    (PDF Doc)
Media Services    (PDF Doc)
Registrar    (PDF Doc)


Admissions    (PDF Doc)
Financial Aid    (PDF Doc)

External Affairs

Alumni Relations    (PDF Doc)
External Relations/Fund Development    (PDF Doc)
Special Events    (PDF Doc)
University Relations    (PDF Doc)

Finance and Operations

Business Office    (PDF Doc)
Personnel, Payroll and Employee Benefits    (PDF Doc)

Physical Plant and Planning

Campus Police    (PDF Doc)
Plant Services    (PDF Doc)

Student Services

Career Center    (PDF Doc)
Counseling    (PDF Doc)
Health Services    (PDF doc)
Intercollegiate Athletics: Men's   (PDF Doc)
Intercollegiate Athletics: Women's   (PDF Doc)
Multi-Ethnic Student Programs    (PDF Doc)
Residential Life    (PDF Doc)
Student Activities    (PDF Doc)