Office of Student Activities

Unit Annual Report




Sara Haugen-Acting Director

Carol McCannon-Program Advisor

Kate VanSickle-Program Advisor

Rita Lambert-Office Coordinator

Randi Peterson-Intramurals/RecFitness/ClubSports Coordinator (50%, 10 month)

Mark Halvorson-Student Center Tech Coordinator (50%); UMM Theater Discipline (50%)

 (see appendix for undergraduate Student Activities staff)



The Office of Student Activities coordinates the planning and implementation of a comprehensive cultural, educational, recreational and social co-curricular program that contributes to the college's primary mission of undergraduate liberal education. Student Activities encourages, assists, and advises individual students, student organization leaders and members as they develop activities and programs.  Student Activities manages the UMM Student Center including facility operations and Information Center staff and services.



1.  To help plan, support and supervise student initiated educational, cultural, recreational and social programs of an extracurricular and co-curricular nature, enhancing the liberal arts academic program and benefiting students, faculty, staff, and area citizens.


2.  To provide students with opportunities to develop interpersonal and leadership skills, to experience and gain appreciation for cultural and individual differences, and to learn to work in an interdependent community.


3.     To provide comprehensive training and technical support for the Campus Activities Council (CAC), UMM's primary activities planning organization.  To coordinate Performing Arts Series grant writing, fundraising activities, and audience development.


4.  To provide budget and programming support and leadership training for UMM's 85 student organizations. To support and work with the Campus Assembly Student Services Committee.


5.  To provide guidance, assistance and administrative support for the Chancellor's Activities Fee Review Committee in the annual allocation and expenditure of student activity fees.


6.  To coordinate comprehensive New Student and Parent Orientation programs.


7.  To facilitate the development and maintenance of activities, services, and facilities within the Student Center, which serves as the center of community life for the campus.


8.  To assure competent internal administration, supervision, and management of Student Activities and, in collaboration with the University's web calendar coordinator, maintenance of the campus public events calendar.


9.  To enhance the professional growth and performance of staff through participation in and contributions to relevant professional organizations and attendance at professional conferences.


Evaluation & Narrative


A.  Staffing & Office management


Full time, permanent staffing continues to be a priority for the Office of Student Activities:  Sara Haugen served a fifth year as Acting Director of Student Activities; Carol McCannon's appointment in Student Activities continued at a reduced level to accommodate her work with UMM's Learn and Serve grant through December; and the long-standing Resident Director quarter time assignment in the office ended.  Staff positions were further affected by the second year of University-wide budget cuts.  The five-year interim staff structure will come to an end in the new fiscal year after a successful national search for a new director and  some additional staff responsibility changes and reductions in percentage of appointments.  Student employees, paraprofessionals, interns, and volunteers continue to play integral roles in supporting the Student Activities Office mission.


B.  Programs, activities, and initiatives


Campus Activities Council (CAC) Highlights

The five CAC programming committees presented 52 public events during the 2003-2004 academic year. Successful programming partnerships with other campus and community organizations continued to increase, as a number of public events were co-sponsored.


CAC Concerts hosted a variety of events - from funk to rock - in a number of venues. The committee sponsored Tim Mahoney for a coffee- house concert in TMC, and had Monroe Crossing return for a campus/community Barn Dance.  The toe-tapping bluegrass music of Monroe Crossing helped kick off the national Smithsonian Art Institute's Barn Again exhibit in Morris.  The Concerts Committee co-sponsored a number of events with other student groups including a "Leap for Humanity" Concert that used local talent to raise money for the campus Habitat for Humanity chapter.


CAC Performing Arts The 2003-04 UMM Performing Arts Series was extremely successful - in both audience numbers and in artistic quality. 

€Michael Moschen performed his beautiful mix of physics and illusion for rapt audiences as the kick-off to the season

€Gaelic Storm had many in the audience up and dancing in the orchestra pit and aisles - students, community members, senior citizens and kids.

€Cavani String Quartert were exquisite musicians and droll commentators; their rapport with the audience was wonderful to watch.

€Koresh Dance Company opened with a powerful, thirty-minute piece that engaged the audience immediately.  Audience energy in the lobby during intermission was palpable.  Some patrons declared it the best dance performance the Series has presented and more than thirty people stayed for a post performance discussion.

€The 26th anniversary of UMM's three-day Jazz Fest included thirty-four high school and community jazz bands working interactively with guest artists Wayne Bergeron and Kim Park and four regional clinicians in non-competitive clinics.  The guest artists wowed the crowd every night during their public performances with UMM's own Jazz Ensemble I.


CAC Convocations deviated from their intent to reduce the number of speakers to 4 when the committee was presented the opportunity to host Colleen Rowley (the FBI whistle-blower from Minneapolis) without any cost.  The event, although somewhat disappointing in content, drew an attendance of 400.  The highlight of the series was the screenwriter/director, Chris Eyre, who served as the keynote speaker for World Touch Cultural Heritage Week.  His presentation of film excerpts and personal stories was powerful and inspiring.


CAC Films continued to offer a wide variety of films, adding a block-buster  film to the regular line-up each semester.  In addition, in response to student and faculty feedback, two international films were offered each semester in lieu of an International Film Festival.  The CAC/Morris Theater Classic Film Festival drew a total attendance of approximately 650 students, faculty, staff and community members.  The Saturday matinee, "The Wizard of Oz," nearly filled the Morris Theatre.


CAC Homecoming and Traditions warmed things up for Homecoming 2003 with a, Tropical Luau theme.  The pep fest played to a packed crowd in Edson Auditorium and the luau food items prepared by Sodexho were a big hit with alumni and other guests at the tailgating party. The annual CAC Great Pancake Break during Fall Semester Finals Week was once again well attended by appreciative students.  And once again, faculty and staff rose to the occasion to provide pancake preparation and serving, along with a healthy dose of much-needed fun and laughter.  HAT and Sodexho co-sponsored the 3nd Annual Super bowl Party, which was also well attended.  Both the Pancake Break and Super Bowl Party are, in large part, made possible through the largesse of Sodexho, who provides staff, food and prizes.


Community Service and Volunteerism continued its support of student groups whose missions include work with Morris area  community members; Habitat for Humanity members replaced a roof for a Morris resident and Big Friend Little Friend members continued to provide mentoring and social activities for Morris children.  In a door-to-door collection during New Student Orientation, 400 coats and outerwear items were donated to the Salvation Army's coat drive.  Led by the Residence Hall staff, over 200 students participated in the event, which ended at the Salvation Army facility for cookies and lemonade.  Many of these students returned to the Center during the year to volunteer time to assist with clothing sorting and other tasks.  Almost 100 students participated in the Trick or Can event; approximately 1900 pounds of food was donated to the Stevens County Food Shelf.  For the first time, Community Service and Volunteerism collaborated with the International Travel Center and the Career Center to present a major speaker, Zahara Hechscher.  Ms. Hechscher presented information on combining global travel with community service.  The event attracted a diverse group of approximately 60 students and several faculty and staff.  Community Service and Volunteerism awarded its 2nd Annual Outstanding Service Award to Isaiah Brokenleg at the Spring Student Leadership Banquet.


Intramurals and Recreation


The Intramural programs continued to be very successful in 2003-2004.  The UMM student participation rate rose from 38% in 2002-03 to 45% for 2003-04, 833 individual students out of a total enrollment of 1851.  Established activities -  flag football, softball, racquetball, men's and women's basketball, co-ed basketball, women's volleyball, aerobics, co-ed volleyball, and kickball leagues -  continued to thrive.  Additional special events and new leagues - broomball, an end of the year bowling tournament, Pilate's, yoga, 3 on 3 basketball, and 4 on 4 sand volleyball - contributed to the increase in participation. Enrollment for all programs totaled 1158.


The 21st Annual UMM Tinman Triathlon was also a success. This year there were 93 total participants, 26 UMM students/staff and 67 racers from area communities throughout Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota.  This was a slight decrease from 02-03 when there were 96 total participants, 33 from the University and 63 from beyond campus.  Seventy-six volunteers helped to ensure the success and safety of the triathletes. 


The Activity Fee Review Committee continued funding for the Intramural Program's partnership with the Regional Fitness Center for student participation in aerobic classes.  All students pay a $45 RFC fee/semester, but attendance in aerobic classes is paid through the Intramurals Program on a per visit basis.  Participation in the aerobics program is significant:  377 individual students took advantage of this opportunity, 161 in the Fall Semester and 216 in the Spring Semester, with a total of 1847 attendance units.  This year, in addition to the regular aerobics classes, the partnership extended to fitness yoga and Pilate's classes.  These classes cost more than the regular aerobics classes, so the Intramural Program pays half of the fee and the students pay the other half.  40 additional students participated in these activities.


Intramural Program participant demographics:

- 58% female, 42 % male

- 27% freshman

- 23% sophomores

- 23% juniors

- 23% seniors

- 4% faculty and staff

- 83% Caucasian

-  6.2 % American Indian

- 3.2% Asian/Asian American

- 3.2% African American

- 2.3% Hispanic

- 1% Unknown


Campus of Difference Initiative

€Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat --


 *Multicultural Student Leadership Retreat: 75 students, faculty, and staff participated in the 6th annual retreat. This collaborative program was generously funded by a number of campus offices and programs. The event was held at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center in Fergus Falls, MN and received rave, i.e. "life changing," reviews from those attending.


 -84% agreed that the retreat was valuable

 -91% agreed that they would recommend the retreat to other UMM students

 -82% agreed that the retreat explored the realities of prejudice, bigotry, privilege, and racism.

 -86% agreed that because of this experience their attitude toward persons of other cultures became more accepting and positive.


 Student evaluation comments included:

ž       Not only the content but the people that came along really taught me the most and pushed my boundaries

ž       Just from meeting and getting to know other people, I have been changed for the better.

ž       Some of it was pretty thought provoking, some I had seen before and some was too biased

ž       Even though I became frustrated, overall the retreat taught me a lot

ž       I met so many diverse, awesome people, it was great!

ž       It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had in my whole life.  Thanks!


€Multiculturalism on the Mall: This Diversity Peer Educators event drew hundreds of students out onto the mall to explore the offerings of different student organizations.



C.  Student Organizations


 Student Leadership/Student Organization Development


The annual, mandatory registration meetings for student organization leaders were held in early October.  Materials, including University policies, budgets, event planning, and group development strategies, were distributed to all groups.  Attendance is required to maintain the group's registered status and to ensure organizations have critical "how to" information.  Student leaders are encouraged to work one-on-one with Student Activities staff throughout the year to develop budgets, plan programs, market events, etc.  In addition, Kate VanSickle and Mike Miller worked collaboratively to present a workshop titled "How to be a Sweet Guava Student Leader".  The students were drawn in by the unusual name and thrilled with the hands-on learning and door prizes.  A three-part Sweet Guava Leadership Series is planned for fall 2004. 


More than 115 students, staff, and faculty attended the annual Student Leaders Recognition Banquet in April. Recognition of graduating leaders continues to be one of the highlights of the event. Outstanding Student Leader awards were given to Isaiah Brokenleg, Kevin Ely, Annie Olson, and Christina Pacheco.  Jen Lund received the faculty/staff award for significant contributions that support, encourage, and facilitate student leadership at UMM.


Student group highlights

UMM student organizations presented numerous programs throughout the 2003-04 academic year.  Some are well established traditions -

€Asian Student Association's fall talent show and spring "Taste of Asia"

€the Dance Ensemble's fall and spring recitals

€KUMM's "March Madness Concert"

€Circle of Nation's Indian Association's Pow Wow and Peace Run

€Women's Resource Center's "Vagina Monologs"


UMM groups continued to collaborate with each other and with community groups:

€French Club and CAC Concerts Committee co-sponsored a Cajun block party at Common Cup Coffeehouse, complete with authentic foods, toe-tapping music, and enthusiastic dancing

€CNIA co-hosted a workshop on Native American Mascots in Sports, prompted by UMM's Homecoming opponent's team name.


Student Activities also worked with the UMM retention committee to encourage student organizations to plan more public events to fall on the weekends.


Student Services Committee

The work of the committee and its subcommittees reflected the breadth of issues under its purview.   Among the issues addressed:

€ SSC approved 14 new or amended student organization constitutions during the year - with several constitutions pending for consideration in 04-05.

€MCSA and SSC worked on a Mascot policy that was presented to Campus Assembly for information.  SSC will incorporate questions and comments from the assembly and present the policy for action in 04-05.

€Health Services Subcommittee administered a user survey during Spring Semester.  The results indicate that students are generally very satisfied with the services provided.

€Queer Issues Subcommittee revamped the Safe Zone program.  The new program will provide more training, hands-on learning opportunities, and updated information for participants.  The subcommittee also requested a revision of the student organization travel policy requiring same sex lodging accommodations.  This requirement does not consider the needs of glbt students. After consultation with the University's General Counsel Office, the SSC revised the policy to include the possibility for exceptions to be granted by the Director of Student Activities. 

€Dining Services Subcommittee began developing plans to address student concerns about food service availability during campus holidays and breaks.



Activity Fee Review Committee (AFRC), Assistance to Student Groups fund and budget support


The committee received a total of 37 requests, totaling $326, 769, for student organizations seeking an annual budget allocation for 04-05. After much deliberation and hearings spanning two days with the petitioning groups, AFRC allocated $289,170 for 04-05.  This total includes $17,716 for the Assistance to Student Groups Fund, which allocates monies on an event-by-event basis to groups who do not seek an annual operating budget.  In 03-04 AFRC allocated $16,515 to 24 groups from the ASG fund.  The fee will remain at $90/semester for 04-05. 


Student Center

The Student Center Committee developed a number of new policies in 03-04:  weddings and other special events, i.e. non-campus programs, will no longer be allowed during the academic year.  This will help to ensure that campus programmers have access to Student Center spaces for their events.  Exceptions may be made during breaks and holidays. In addition, the practice of block booking, i.e booking multiple spaces for undetermined events, will be allowed only up to one month prior to the reservation.  At that time, specific events, times, places, must be determined and other spaces released.


Oyate acoustic retrofitting continued to be a major focus and hopefully work will begin on this project in 04-05.


After evaluating the temporary partnership between the Regional Fitness Center and Student Activities, the Outdoor Center services and staff have moved permanently to the RFC. This structure provides much greater access to rental equipment and outdoor programs to students and non-students.  The Outdoor Center space will serve as swing space during the renovation of Social Science.


New Student Orientation


The annual, four-day, campus wide effort to provide a smooth orientation and transition for new students was very successful. Orientation program evaluations were distributed in September to students living on campus. Student's satisfaction was measured on a 5-point scale with 5 being excellent and 1 being unsatisfactory. Overall, the evaluations showed an increase in satisfaction from the previous year. Students indicated high levels of satisfaction on the following:


Check-in (help with moving in, getting packets, keys, etc.)                        4.55

Extravaganza (a variety show performed by OGL's, RAs/RDs)                4.50

Orientation Group Leader                                                                           4.18

Satisfaction with Decision to attend UMM                                                4.41


 Student leadership and enthusiasm sustains UMM's orientation program. A diverse group of Orientation Group Leaders (OGLs) once again had a very positive experience and passed their enthusiasm and campus know-how on to new students.  Anna Zimmer, summer Student Orientation Coordinator, and the Orientation Task Force assisted Kate VanSickle in the program planning and implementation. Karley Silverberg continued into the academic year as the Orientation Morris Academic Intern, providing invaluable organization skills.


 A 2-3 hour orientation is held in January for students entering UMM mid-year. The session allows new students to connect with a few of the Orientation Group Leaders as well as some of the faculty and staff members in an information, question/answer session. Introductory tours are included in both the Library and Computing Services. Brenda Boever, Academic Advising, worked with Student Activities to coordinate the Spring Orientation session.



V. Major Changes Recommended/Plans for 2004-05


€The Intramurals Program will be the new "home" for outdoor programming - supervision of student staff and development of programs and events will be the responsibility of the Intramurals/Recreation/Sports Clubs Coordinator; the services will be offered through the RFC.

€Oyate remodeling/retrofitting to address acoustic problems will be a priority.

€Staff will continue to work toward more structured student leadership development opportunities for student organization leaders.

€Student organization faculty/staff advisor training and support will increase.

€Work will continue to move more resources  for student organizations to the web, increasing accessibility and streamlining processes.

€Attention will continue to be focused and responses developed related to the role of Student Activities in the retention of students.



Appendix A.

Student Staff and Student Organization Leaders


Student Activities Office:

Erica Moltzen – Office Assistant

Anna Zimmer – Office Assistant

Johanna Farmer – Office Assistant

Amanda Groshens–Office Assistant

Nathan Hilfiker – Office Assistant

Ben Malmo – Bookkeeper

Ellen Stuckey – AFRC Chair

Erin King  – AFRC Support Staff

Jason Steinbrenner -- Morris Administrative Intern Campus of Difference Initiative

Karley Silverberg – Morris Administrative Intern New

Student Orientation

Reginald Davis – Morris Administrative Intern Office of Community Service and Volunteerism


Student Center:

Outdoor Center

Amy Huebner

Jon Rasmussen

Tony Streng (Fall)


Information Center

Amy Johnson (Fall)

Alicia Frarck (Fall)

Alicia Mendez

Bri Bouffard

Sarah Cagle

Mark Braun

Bethani Diersen

Elizabeth Anderson

Kevin Ely

Diana Giordano

Kristen Invie

Yusef Orest

Dan Otto

Eric Korman

Jamie Richert

Jaccqueline Thrasher

Mike Sutherland


Kayla Wenker (Spring)

Jamie Oyanagi (Spring)

Sarah Black (Spring)

Phoebe Trepp (Spring)

Kyle Cogger (Spring)


Tech Crew

Tucker McCannon

Stephen Ohs

Yusef Orest

Patrick Smith

Andrew Kuhn

Emily Matthews

Andrew Tralle

Bobby Goodfellow

Daniel Moore

Michael Turpin


Student Center Summer Staff

Anna Zimmer– Office Assistant

Amanda Groshens – Office Assistant

Yusef Orset – Information Center

Kevin Ely – Information Center

Kevin Ely – Outdoor Center

Anna Zimmer – New Student Orientation

Patrick Smith – Tech Crew & CAC



Student Organizations:

Campus Activities Council

Danielle Sonsteby – Concerts

William McDonough – Concerts

Andrea Simonson – Convocations

Irma Salazar - Convocations

Jenny Kelzenberg – Films

Afton Niemira - Films

Nate Hilfiker-Performing Arts

Jen Farrell– Performing Arts

Katie Orson – Homecoming & Traditions

Sara Hamilton – Homecoming & Tradition


KUMM Radio

Mike Doucette – Station Manager

Chris Hamrin  – Music Director

Tim Hellendrung – News Director

Alex Hathaway – Publicity Director

Jon Nelson – Program Director

Jessica Gurr – Online Director

Tom Henchal – Training Director




Morris Campus Student Association

Sara Kloek – President

Laura Burbank – Vice President for

Academic Affairs

Christina Pacheco – Vice President for 

       Student Services

Mike Sullivan – VP for Finance &



University Register

David Bohlander – Editor-in-Chief

Cindy Lahr – Head Copy Editor

Jessi Gurr – Managing Editor

Sarah Neenan – A & E Co-Editor

Nick Wolner – Photo Editor

Kristen Strissel – News Editor

Cassandra Maki – Feature Editor

Tyler Schuch - Circulation Manager

Tim Lindberg – Sports Editor

Serrah Langin – Variety Editor

Derek Brunsberg – Business


Brad Mace - Online Editor



Appendix B

Grant & Technology Funding


1a. Grant support for 2003-2004 programming:


Performing Arts Series:

     $7,575.00                           Minnesota State Arts Board Series Presenters Grant

$2,100.00                           Heartland Fund Grant:

     $6,000.00                           Pennsylvania Council of Arts


1b. UMM Technology Fee Funding for 2003-2004:

      Student Center – Operations

     $3,815                                Mixing Console, Cable/Snake Case

       2,172                                Crown Macro Tech 1202 amplifier; 4 EV Force 1 Monitor




$1,100                               Macintosh G4 System & Pro tools editing software

     350                               Marantz 2-tray CD-R Recorder/Duplicator                            

  1,080                               Studio Microphone, boom riser and windscreen, 75 watt

$2,530                               Monitor Amplifier, AM/FM tuner for monitoring, off-air recording, equipment rack, wiring


     University Register

     $   320                                Microtek Scanmaker 6700

     $2,060                                Power Mac G4 867 MHz s/133MHz system bus NEC

     $2,380                                MultiSync FE991SB



     Student Activities

     $2,060                                Macintosh G4 system, monitor, zip drive, and software


     Wellness Center

     $1,500                                1 Flat panel Dell Desktop system with speakers



     $1,228                                Dell Optiplex GX260 with 15 in Flat Panel Display & Windows XP Professional Software, Color Bubble Jet Printer



    $3,001                                 Imac 17", Applecare Protection Plan, Cannon inkjet Printer, Microsoft Office OSX Zip Drive, Network Billing

      7,224                                 Ready line installation & monthly charge, Voicemail System,

    $10,225                               800# charges


     Intercollegiate Speech Team

    $97.00                                 Stopwatch, Countdown timer, portable tape recorder, microphone, audition cassettes, Palm M125 PDA, & keyboard attachment


2a. Grants awarded for 2004-2005 events:


Performing Arts Series:

       $   7750                            Minnesota State Arts Board Series Presenters Grant

  $   2400                            Heartland Fund Grant




2b.  Technology Fee Awards for 2004-2005

Student Center – Tech Operations

     $2,037                                Horizon Lighting Control Software and interface box, Dell BX270 PXC, Flat Panel Monitor

  1,718                                Replacement cables and connectors for sound and light

  1,750                                6 Source-Four Ellipsoidal Spotlights

     665                                            Body pack, lapel microphone, and handheld microphone, Sony MDR 7506 headphones




$   520                                Minidisc recorder, omni directional microphone, and cable   

  2,000                                            Half cost of Professional Consulting for completion of Tower Project

  1,860                                2 heavy-duty uninterruptable power supplies to studio

     350                                Half cost of CD player and one CD/MP3 player



       University Register

$7,820                                3 Mac G5 computers; 3 Viewsonic E220 21" Monitors

  1,069.38                           Software update to new Adobe



       Student Activities

$8,899.32                                       2- Apple G5 computers, 2-Apple Display 17" flat screens, 2-Pentium4 computes with monitors, 3-OS 10 Software upgrades, 2-memory upgrades, 2-Conversion Plus Software


Campus Activities Council

$1,257                                Pentium4 computer with monitor


   Equality/United Latinos

$1,929                                HP Laser Jet 4200TN printer & cable to 8 computers for MRC



   Morris Campus Student Association

$1,700                                1 Dell computer with software & 1 printer


   Women's Resource Center

$2,100                                            Dell Pentium4, Microsoft XP, Printer/Scanner, Yearly Maintenance, UMM Internet Service, Hand held bar code scanner



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