Office of Residential Life

Unit Annual Report





Henry Fulda - Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Student Life (8/1/03 - present)

Larry Christenson - Associate Director of Residential Life (effect. 8/1/03 Assoc. Dir.)

Amy McGovern - Assistant Director of Residential Life (left 8/12/03)

Patricia Hein, Executive Admin. Specialist, Residential Life

Rose Thompson, Principal Admin. Specialist, Residential Life (ret. 2/7/04)

T. J. Ross - Hall Director, Independence Hall

Karen Morlock  - Hall Director, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Gordon Harstad - Building and Grounds Worker

Jeremiah Kill – Building and Grounds Worker (7/26/04 – present)

Helen Kolden - Building and Grounds Worker (ret. 6/11/04)

Arthur Kunde - Building and Grounds Worker

Ron Kussatz – Building and Grounds Worker

Virginia Schmidgall - Building and Grounds Worker (ret. 6/11/04)

Kay Storck - Building and Grounds Worker

Ann Marie Vangstad - Building and Grounds Worker

Ann Williams – Building and Grounds Worker (6/28/04 – present)

Ray Thielke (8/1/03-present)


Stacy Theis - Residence Director, Blakely Hall

Jennifer Huselid - Resident Advisor, Blakely Hall

Ryan Turgeon – Resident Advisor, Blakely Hall

Whitney Anderson - Residence Director, Pine Hall

Aram Eskridge - Resident Advisor, Pine Hall

Irma Salazar - Resident Advisor, Pine Hall

Brittany Thurber - Resident Advisor, Pine Hall

Amanda Woodle - Residence Director, Spooner Hall

Becky Johnson - Resident Advisor, Spooner Hall

Joel Blaha - Resident Advisor, Spooner Hall

Anne Skoglund - Resident Advisor, Spooner Hall

Katie Nelson, Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Khama Sharp - Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Danielle Thibodo - Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Katie Taylor - Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Erin Tracy - Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Robert Culbertson - Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Rachel Beckman - Resident Advisor, Clayton A. Gay Hall

Sarah Sorenson - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Mariela Marcantetti - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Scott Esler - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Clare Leitzman - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Kiel Harell - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Sandra Castro - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Sara Campbell - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Melissa Swenson - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Henry Wallace - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Sara Nowak - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Kate Rolfs - Resident Advisor, Independence Hall

Brad McBeath - Residence Director, RH4 Apartments

Tara Marquardt - Resident Advisor, RH4 Apartments

Katie Kuechenmeister - Resident Advisor, RH4 Apartments

Vern Longie - Resident Advisor, RH4 Apartments (8/03-12/03)

Andy Kuhn - Resident Advisor, RH4 Apartments (1/04-5/04)





The Office of Residential Life is responsible for maintaining a quality living environment for on-campus students by enhancing opportunities for individual growth in the residence hall setting by effectively managing physical facilities.




A.  To administer a residence hall complex, consisting of five residence halls, and an apartment complex, and hire, train and supervise staff for these areas.


B.  To help plan, supervise and support educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs of an extracurricular and co-curricular nature consistent with the needs of residence hall students and compatible with overall campus programming.


C.  To intervene and handle crisis situations that occur in the residence halls and act as a referral source for students with problems of a personal, academic, or social nature.


D.  To provide students with opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, the capacity for leadership, tolerance and appreciation of cultural and individual difference, and accept responsibility for their own actions.


E.   To plan and coordinate future needs in renovation, replacement, and new construction; to initiate on-going maintenance and maintain acceptable standards of physical safety and security.


F.   To provide budget and programming assistance, leadership training and advice to residence hall governments and staff.


G.  To enhance the professional growth and subsequent performance of staff through participation in and contributions relevant to professional organizations.


H.  To coordinate, in conjunction with other offices, housing needs for summer conferences.  To assist in meeting the University's commitment to serve a broad constituency and to help promote the unique environment UMM has to offer.





A.  Programs

Residential Life experienced a very productive year but the opening numbers continued to decline from 92.7% to 86.5% occupancy (884).  A large reason for the substantial decline was the lowest number of newly admitted first year students in recent history.  By the end of the year occupancy was at 77.1%.


In the spring of 2003 a decision was made to have the Student Life Handbook featured on the web.  This process would enable other departments to manage their own websites relating to the handbook.


The remaining smoking areas for 2004-05 will be apartments G-M.  By the fall of 2005, all resident living spaces at UMM will be smoke free. 


Again, there were a low number of disciplinary reports in the residence halls.  In general, the residence hall staff were able to deal with the minor infractions. A significant number of students attending hall programs reflect a positive perception of the residence hall community. 


 The "retention interview" process continued in 2003-2004.  Each RA interviewed a majority of their residents in addition to all first-year students.  The intent was to identify problem areas and help students succeed.  Over the last five years a considerable amount of information has been collected through this process in addition to the ACUHO-I EBI Benchmarking study.


A 7-year replacement schedule was created for residence hall furnishings and other hall cosmetic needs (carpets, drapes, lighting, etc.).  With proper funding and management, it is likely that facility related items will be replaced on a periodic basis, thus allowing our students and parents to see annual improvements to our buildings.


A loft company was identified and contracted to work with us starting in the fall of 2004.  The desire is increased service, consistency and safety for our residents.


We had limited conferences and groups stay on-campus during the summer of 2004.  Groups staying extended periods of time included summer school and Gateway students. 


A survey was taken of UMR ACUHO schools regarding summer housing/conference issues and rates.  ORL will convene a committee of involved parties in the fall of 2004 to look at rates for both internal and external clients to determine rates at UMM in the future.  In addition, ORL, Dining Service and Continuing Education will explore ways to increase summer housing/dining service to potential new groups in the future.


 B. Residential Life Renovations


The largest projects in the residence halls were the fire sprinklers, fire protection systems and complete replacement of the domestic water in Gay II.  The project ran on a very aggressive schedule and was completed just days before the residents returned.


In addition, a sprinkler and fire protection system was installed in Pine Hall.  The systems in Spooner were upgraded as well.  With these installations, the only areas yet to be completed are Gay I, Blakely and Independence Halls.


The balance of the summer projects in 2004 included:

      The replacement of the roof and gutters of Spooner Hall.

      Removal of old and replacement of new carpet in the remaining 60 apartments, ORL and all the corridors of Independence Hall.

      New walk-off mats at the entrance of all the doors to each building.

      New overhead florescent lighting installed in all student rooms and public areas of Pine Hall.

      New drapes in the student rooms and public areas of Gay Hall.

      Refinished/upholstered the Blakely lounge furniture.

      Replaced 40 damaged Buckstaff seat cushions in Independence Hall.

      New desk chairs for each student room in Blakely, Pine and Spooner Halls.

      The addition of 100 new Soflux, stain resistant, mattresses in Pine and Spooner Halls.  This completes all the mall halls.

      Installation of a 42 inch plasma TV and surround sound system in the main lounges of Independence and Gay Halls.  Project funding came from a successful request of student tech fees.  Completion date: October 2004.

      Initiated the replacement of all public area furniture in Spooner Hall.  Completion date: fall 2004.

      Purchased/installed three sets of Brill (loftable; Pine, Indy, Gay ) furniture to receive student feedback after use.

      Completed the replacement of Independence stairwell windows.

      Addition of extra air conditioning units in the Gay and Independence RD apartments.

      Replacement of several water heaters and softeners.

      Replacement of several sections of sidewalk near the entry doors of the apartments.


C.   Residence Hall Staff


RA selection in 2003-04 for the next year went smoothly.  We again utilized the carousel method for round one.  Approximately 90 students attended the information nights.  An information night was also held at the Minority Resource Lounge and applications were available at MSP to encourage minority applicants.  The pool of candidates stabilized.  The continuation of retention interviews contributed to stable numbers of applicants.  During retention interviews, RAs asked residents if they were interested in the RA position.  The selection committee wrote notes to each of those students informing them of the selection process.  We hired 14 new RAs, which included five females and nine males.  Four of the new RAs and one returning staff member are minority students (2 Hispanic, 1 African American, 1 Bi-Racial (African and Native American) and 1 Asian).  The student trainer position was continued for a third year and worked with RAs and students to do training relating to diversity. 



D.  Physical Facilities Improvements – 2003-04



Project #



Total Amt.


Remove old concrete garbage enclosures





Replace windows in C-complex




Remove rubber baseboards under the front windows






Replace lower portion of interior walls (of exterior walls) and base with appropriate covering on the #1 level apts. and replace carpeting










Carpet for #1 apts.




Installation of carpet in all #1 apts.




Mold abatement at lower level "1" apts. (12 apts.)






52 Broan hoods for apts.




Mold abatement in 12 mechanical rooms







ORL telephone for office downstairs




ORL Basement-hang strips for office downstairs





Move 8 category outlets on n. wall




Carpet for office downstairs




Cubicles for office downstairs




Furniture/file cabinets for central office





Student Desk top unit





Gay Hall

Project #



Total Amt.


Remove can lights and switches from student rooms





Install GFI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms(279-1115)





Fire Inspection Project




Gay II – paint windows and replace them with other temporarily(279-1115)





TV in Lounge area




Gay Hall RD Apt. – Berber carpet

for living room & 1st bedroom




Gay Hall RD Apt furniture: 1 Lane Recliner, 1 sofa sleeper, 2 end tables and a coffee table





Independence Hall

Project #



Total Amt.


Replace panels on the east side of the A/B stair towers






Fire Inspection Project




Replace 6 stairwell doors




21 replacement cushions for lounge furniture






Replacement Bruner Water Softener and Resin





MAAC Inc. – removal of asbestos-containing caulk and windows





Indy RD Apt. furniture: 1 Lane recliner, 1 sofa sleeper, 1 glider rocker, 2 end tables and a coffee table






stove hood for Indy RD Apt.




New Brunermatic valve for water softener





Replace Bruner water softener




Install the ceramic tiles and install appropriate lighting in the ceiling





Lighting for artwork in lobby




Pine Hall

Project #



Total Amt.


Furniture: Refinish wood




Remove ceiling in lounge & corridor





Blakely Hall

Project #



Total Amt.


Replace the hand radiator valves with Honeywell non-electric thermostatic valves





New Water softener




Architechectural and engineering services




Lounge chairs and 1 couch




stove hood for Blakely RD Apt.




Spooner Hall

Project #



Total Amt.


New water softener







Floor mats for all halls


2 used Computers from Computing Services for cable


Software upgrade for cable


101 36x80 innerspring mattresses/Spring Air Industrial Services


Freight for mattresses


1 Laser printer for Director of Residential Life


4 Upright Sharp Vacuums


1 used Dell Inspiron 8000 Computer for Asst. Vice Chancellor


Volleyball net and pool equipment


AquaSpot Clean for Custodians


Hillyard Pacesetter Buffer


Hillyard floor machine






Major Changes Recommended for 2004-05


      Develop a strong residence hall government system and RHA.  Send representatives to both regional and national conferences.  Establish a budget for money generated from the $50 application fee.


      Explore, plan, and develop a First Year Experience program in Independence or Gay Hall by the beginning of 2005-2006. 


      Encourage all residents, especially returning upper class students, to become more involved in civic and community service.


      Follow up with students using Brill furniture to see if this is a direction we wish to go with student room furnishings in the future.


      Develop a strong working relationship with Admissions.  Be a part of the promotion of UMM and the recruitment of new students.  Develop joint marketing materials.


      Revisit with Admissions regarding the possibility of differential based need for financial aid depending on whether a student lives on or off campus.  This could provide an incentive for staying on campus.


      Explore ways to increase summer conference business.


      Create three student double rooms out of the current TV room in Spooner Hall.


      Continue the development of a schedule to install sprinkling systems for fire safety in all the residence halls. Consult with Plant Services and contract an architectural firm to develop plans for additional sprinkling and life safety equipment.  Also, review the priority list and timing of these major projects (Gay I and Independence Hall).   Also, include plans for upgrading the domestic water systems.


      Form a Blakely Hall Planning Committee to study the possible alternative uses and improvements to meet residential and programming needs at UMM.


      Consult with Plant Services and the Computing Services to develop an on-line work order system.


      Now that a seven year replacement schedule is in place, review capital expenditure requirements in the residence halls; include such items as carpeting, room and lounge furniture, drapery, and lighting fixture requirements.  Also, consult with Plant Services to develop a projection of long-range major renovation requirements in the residence halls.


      Continue to improve response to student psychological problems in the residence halls and develop cooperation with other campus resources


      Continue to expand efforts to educate students regarding sexual violence.


      Continue to address diversity issues for staff and residents. Continue expanding efforts to educate students regarding racial and ethnic harassment


      Continue the development of a Residential Life web page to provide information to a broader constituency. 


      Consult with Admissions and Computing Services to refine and improve the housing application procedures.


      Increase the amount of students, and diversity of the pool, applying for RA positions.


      Continue to improve the professional development opportunities for the Residential Life staff..


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