Health Service

Unit Annual Report



O.R. Wernsing, M.D.  Director

P.C. Burke, M.D.

K.H. Tatsumi, M.D.

J.L. Goering, M.D.

R.R. Stavig, M.D.

J.M. Zapatero, M.D.

Paige McNally, Nurse Midwife

Corrine Larson, R.N.

Janie Klein, L.P.N./Principal Administrative Specialist


The Health Service provides outpatient medical services for all students attending University Minnesota, Morris.


A.      Conduct a personal evaluation. This is done by screening the health history forms, completing physicals for students entering varsity sports programs, and completing physicals for students needing them for summer employment, travel, or for graduate school.

B.      Provide outpatient care similar to patient care received in a doctor's office, including certain laboratory test available at the Health Service, and all types of medical and surgical procedures available in a doctor's office.  As much as feasible, drugs needed for student health purposes are dispensed from the Health Service without charge to the students.

C.      Administer dressing changes throughout the day.  Allergy shots are given to students who have been seen by a specialist and schedules have been set up on a weekly basis.  Administer immunization as required.  Enforce Minnesota immunization requirements.

D.      Keep student records of dispensary calls, immunizations, outpatients, and admissions to hospitals, correspondence relating to the student, and other pertinent information to be filed with the health history form in the student file.

E.      Make arrangements for the referral of students to a specialist or another clinic, if necessary.

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F.      Complete tasks, such as arranging for transportation of students from Health Service to hospitals, checking on ill students in residence halls, and issuing class excuses to students to be readmitted to class following illness or injury.

G.      Handle and administer health and accident insurance program for registered students.  Assist students with questions regarding insurance payment of hospital and doctor bills.

H.      Order all medical supplies and drugs for the Health Service.

I.      Prepare reports for each semester for the Office of the Chancellor.

J.      Maintain, evaluate, and secure medicine, medical supplies, necessary equipment and office supplies, and other necessary literature, reference material and other student information material necessary to give the student maximum knowledge and confidence in the health program.


Health Service is now being regularly staffed by six physicians of the Stevens Community Medical Center including Dr. Joan Goering, M.D.  Paige McNally, Nurse Midwife also staffs Health Service on Tuesday afternoons for GYN physicals.

During the academic year 2003-2004 a total of 10,561 student visits were processed at the Health Service.

The family planning clinic that was previously instituted on campus by the Steven-Traverse Public Health Nursing Service continues to have a very good response.

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