Alumni Relations/Annual Giving

Unit Annual Report





Pat Gannon - Director (100%) 6/16/03 to 6/30/04

Kevin Brustuen, Associate Development Officer 75%- until 10-15-04

Carla Riley - Associate Development Officer (75%- 1/5/04 to 6-1-04 then 100% 6/1/04 to 6/30-04) Alisande Allaben - Senior Office Assistant (50%)

Lonnie Bradford, Jennifer Mages, Katherine Melgaard, Vanessa Gravink, Nora Mogek, Megan McLennan, Don Coursolle, Stacy Hanna, work-study at various times during the year                                                



Administrative Expert --

Build an efficient infrastructure to insure that best practices and processes are in place.

Alumni Champion --

Listen, proactively respond, and involve alumni to get increased commitment and involvement.

Change Agent --

Continuous improvement to ensure capacity for success

Strategic Partner --

Ensure the activities of the Alumni Relations/Annual Giving office advance the mission of UMM






Alumni leadership is provided by the following groups:

UMM Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors sets overall vision and strategy for alumni activities. 

Leesa A Beal '82, Aurora, IL

Michael C Bernard '99, Cottage Grove

Don Brabeck '84, St. Paul

Robert Boedigheimer '85, Stillwater

Carol Eckersen '80, Minneapolis, President

Blaine Hill '87, Breckenridge, Past President

Alana (Christensen) Petersen '91, Minneapolis

Michael Peterson '89, Eau Claire, WI

Anna Ronhovde '98, St. Paul

Kenneth Traxler '89, Bemidji, Secretary/Treasurer

Brian Ulrich '98, Hopkins

Juli (Yauch) Wagner '98, Eagan

Thomas Westman '74, South Haven, Vice President


West Central School of Agriculture Board of Directors

The WCSA Board provides leadership in the planning of their alumni events, communications, and activities.

Les Bensch '59, Ashby, Legislative Interface/Fund Raising Chair

LaVay (Schmock) Borresen '59, Spicer

Darwin Danielson '63, Rothsay

Les Dehlin '46, Alexandria, President

Floyd Eliason '53, Alberta, Treasurer

Leon "Bud" Kopitski '59, Bloomington

Harriet (Vaala) Payne '60, De Graff

Lois J (Smith) Peterson '57, Sunburg

Ronald Schoephoerster '53, Wheaton

Shirley (Hagen) Wendland '56, Fergus Falls, Secretary


Alumni Events

July 11 – Friends of Football Golf Outing

July 19 - WCSA Reunion and Annual Meeting

Sept 8 - WCSA Alumni Board Meeting

Sept 26-28 - UMM Homecoming & UMMAA Annual Meeting

Oct 8 – UM/UMM Alumni Event at Carlos Creek Vinyard

Nov 1 – Women's Basketball Alumni Game

Dec 6 - UMMAA Board of Directors Meeting

Feb 4 - WCSA Alumni Event, Mesa, Arizona

Feb 5 – UMMAA Midwinter Event, Twin Cities

Feb 6 - UMMAA Board of Directors Meeting, Twin Cities

Feb 14 - MMEA Reception, Minneapolis Hilton, sponsored in part by UMMAA

Feb 15 - Alumni Event in Florida

March 16 - Senior Salute, in conjunction with Special Events

April 3 - UMMAA Board of Directors Meeting, Jazz Fest Alumni Event, Morris

April 27 - UM/UMM Alumni Event at St. Cloud

June 5 - WCSA Alumni Volunteers Plant Garden

June 14 - WCSA Alumni Board Meeting

During the year the Director worked at increasing the visibility of the AR/AG organization on the campus and community. He worked closely with the admissions department to promote alumni involvement in recruiting and with the career center & MSP program to promote alumni involvement in mentoring current students. He was active on campus attending a wide variety of campus activities ranging from athletics to fine arts. In the community he participated in parades, the county fair, and was poised to join the Lions club. Met with alumni directors at Marion College and Ripon College in Wisconsin. Met with alumni directors at St. John's University, SWSU, UMC and UMD in Minnesota.

The department participated in Senior Salute day and sent a mailing to all graduating seniors regarding the Alumni Association.



Annual Giving

The Annual Giving program was begun with a direct mailing piece written by AR/AG Director Pat Gannon. Other direct mailing pieces were the End-of-the-Year tax letter and the end of the year Ten Top Reasons letter. Results varied. The End-of-the-Year Letter was a disappointment; it probably should have been mailed earlier. Overall direct mailing increased by 80 participants and $3,439.00.

Phonation calling got back on track with some increased supervision and attention. The UMF did some summer calling of nondonors, which resulted in 72 first time donors in the amount of $3,170.00.  Total phonathon results, including both the UMF summer calling and the UMM student calling during fall and winter semesters realized $40,711.00 from 858 donors as compared with 671 donors contributing $37,073.00 in fiscal 2203. 

In fiscal 2004, the Annual Giving program received a total of $105,247.00 from 1,553 donors compared to $93,020.00 from 1,285 donors in fiscal 2003.


Targeted Fund Raising



Results from Direct Mail and/or Phonathon Gifts

Alumni Annual Fund



Morris Scholarship Fund



Bos Research Fund



Phi Mu Delta Scholarship



Bill Stewart Scholarship



Clyde Johnson Music Scholarship



"Doc Rock" Memorial Award



Judy Van Kempen Memorial



Friends of LaFave House



Briggs Library Associates



  * Bill didn't get letter written until 6/23/04 so solicitation didn't go out in FY 04

** Clyde Johnson solicitation didn't go out until June 04


Evaluation and Changes Recommended

Begin to solicit alumni assistance with TKE Scholarship. Paul Rentz and Dennis Zarbuck are possible alumni champions.

Have an "Alumni Gathering" solicitation form for giving at every gathering and solicit gifts every time.


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