Women's Intercollegiate Athletics

                                                           Unit Annual Report




Mark Fohl — Director of Athletics (Men & Women), Lecturer

Doug Reese — Assistant to the Athletic Director (Equipment Room Manager), Head Wrestling Coach, Teaching Specialist

Jodi Holleman — Principal Accounts Specialist

Sandy Zeltwanger — Senior Secretary

Brian Curtis — Sports Information Director

Heather Pennie — Head Volleyball Coach, Head Softball Coach, Lecturer

Sarah Huschle — Part-time Assistant Volleyball Coach & Softball Coach

Jim Hall — Head Basketball Coach, Lecturer

Jerry Monner — Head Track Coach, Head Cross Country Coach, Lecturer

Matt Beckendorf — Part-time Assistant Softball Coach

Jana Koehler — Head Women's Golf Coach (Part-time)

Chris DeVries — Soccer Coach, Compliance Coordinator, Lecturer

Ryan Viergutz — Head Tennis Coach, Assistant Equipment Manager, Lecturer

Jim Gremmels — Volunteer Assistant Tennis Coach

Dan Mowry — Part-time Assistant Soccer Coach

Elizabeth Edinger — Part-time Assistant Basketball Coach

Kelly Gores — Student Assistant Tennis Coach

Mistica Olson — Student Assistant Volleyball Coach

Pat Bruns — Student Assistant Basketball Coach

Rich Hardy — Athletic Trainer, Instructor

Ray Bowman — Athletic Trainer, Instructor

Craig Brandenberger, Lacey Huschle, Jim Patzner, Aaron Benson, Randy Hamling, Mistica Olson, Miriam Bagniewski, Kara Hedding — Student Assistant Athletic Trainers                       

Jessica Rada, Brandi Rada, Erin Mahoney, Melissa Schweiss, Cendy Gonzalez — Student Office Workers                                                                     




To organize and administer a broad program of athletic and recreational activities designed to:


A.   Meet the needs and interests of students.

B.   Provide a satisfying and unifying experience for college and community life.

C.   Prepare future coaches, teachers and administrators for athletic responsibilities.







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A.        Administer the athletic policies of the Chancellor, the Northern Sun Intercollegiate

Conference and the NCAA.

B.        Develop schedules of games and contests, secure competent game officials, assist

coaches in arrangements for transportation, meals and lodging for team trips, prepare

programs for home events, arrange details of contest management (radio facilities,

pre-game and half-time programs, ticket sales and concession sales), manage

tournament events.

C.        Coordinate athletic health and training needs and proper insurance details for athletes.

D.        Supervise student workers in the P.E. Center and coordinate with the Financial Aid Office.

E.         Supervise the purchasing, marking, inventory and maintenance of athletic equipment and issuance of equipment to students, faculty and staff.

F.         Assist Plant Services and the administration in the planning of indoor and outdoor

facilities for class, athletic, and recreational use and supervise the marking

and maintenance of same.

G.        Provide a safe and healthful environment for all athletic participants, students enrolled in classes and spectators so all may enjoy the ultimate usage of facilities.

H.        Recruit prospective student-athletes by letter, telephone communications and home/

school visits.   Coordinate such efforts with the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

I.          When replacement or additional staffing is needed, advertise through affirmative action

guidelines to hire qualified individuals for positions in the Athletic Department.

J.         Maintain files for roster information, schedules, eligibility, scores, equipment &

supplies and budget detail.

K.        Coordinate all special events held in the P.E. Center and athletic facilities.

L.         Submit Annual Report to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.




Women's soccer was competitive in the NSIC finishing 3rd in the conference.    Small improvements were made in the competitive ability in a number of other women's sports, and a number of individuals competed well.


The small number of participants in cross country, golf and track & field is of concern. 




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Narrative and/or Statistical


Sport                           No. of              Coach                          Record             Conference



Volleyball                    21                    Heather Pennie            3-29                 10th

Basketball                   13                    Jim Hall                       1-26                 10th

Softball                        17                    Heather Pennie            6-29                 10th

Track                             9                    Jerry Monner              NA                    8th

Tennis                         16                    Ryan Viergutz             4-6                     5th                

Golf                               2                    Jana Koehler               NA                    6th

Wrestling                     12                    Doug Reese                 NA                  NA

Cross Country                          6                    Jerry Monner              NA                    6th

Soccer                          20                    Chris DeVries             13-7-2               3rd



Major Changes Recommended / Plans for 2003-2004


1.         All women's sports except for wrestling will participate in the Upper Midwest Athletic

            Conference next year.


2.         The sport of women's wrestling will be discontinued after 2003-04.


3.         In order to assure that we have an adequate number of participants in cross country,

            track & field and golf, we must begin to fund recruiting efforts in those sports.


4.         We should finish the soccer facility by completing the building on which construction

            was begun in 2002.


5.         Plans will begin for the addition of women's swimming to the athletic program.


6.         The process of transitioning to NCAA Division III will continue.

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