Grants Development Office

                                                              Unit Annual Report




Tom Mahoney — Director, Grants Development

Rita Bolluyt — Executive Administrative Assistant and UMM Campus Certified Approver

Roger Wareham — Coordinator, Pre-Award Activities




The purpose of the Grants Development Office is to assist faculty and staff in securing and utilizing both external and internal resources for their research, teaching, public service and outreach.




A.      Dissemination of information


          1.       Announcements of grants opportunities placed in the Weekly Bulletin on a regular basis


          2.       Work with individual faculty to identify sources related to their interests


          3.       Search electronic and printed databases for source information


          4.       Develop and maintain electronic access to grants related information


          5.       Disseminate compliance and regulatory information


B.      Assist in proposal preparation and submission


          1.       Provide editing and comment service


          2.       Assist in budget development


          3.       Coordinate approval process


C.      Assist in award administration


          1.       Negotiate and establish awards


          2.       Review and approve financial documents


          3.       Coordinate effort certification


          4.       Assist with compliance activities


D.         Maintain liaison with the Office of the Vice President for Research at the U of M


E.      Coordinate Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) education program


F.      Assist community efforts in seeking funding


Evaluation and Changes Recommended


During FY 2004, we will continue to implement the EGMS system and the all-University Certified Approver system.   We will continue UMM RCR team presentations.  The Director will continue to be on a 25% leave of absence for 2004.  Roger Wareham will coordinate pre-award activities and serves as the Fulbright Campus contact.  Rita Bolluyt will continue to serve as UMM effort certification coordinator and the campus Certified Approver for sponsored purchases.




The following is a brief summary of UMM external grants activity from July 1, 2002 through  June 30, 2003.


            Number of proposals submitted                                                                 23

                        Amount requested                                                            $2,655,631

            Proposals funded to date                                                                              7

                        Amount funded to date                                                        $493,470

            Proposals denied to date                                                                               7

            Proposals pending                                                                                        9

                        Amount pending                                                               $1,958,568

            Proposals submitted by area:

                        Academic Affairs                                                                              1

                        Center for Small Towns                                                                    2

                        Education                                                                                          1

                        Humanities                                                                                        7

                        Plant Services                                                                                    3

                        Science & Math                                                                                5

                        Social Science                                                                                    1

                        Student Affairs                                                                                 3





            Proposals funded by area:

                        Education                                                              ($297,870)          1

                        Humanities                                                              ($13,500)          4

                        Plant Services                                                        ($180,000)          1

                        Student Affairs                                                          ($2,100)          1


In addition to external activities, the office assisted with 10 internal applications resulting in nearly $60,000 awarded to UMM faculty.  The Grants Office met with or worked directly with over 55 UMM faculty and staff members, 5 community­related projects, and collaborations with two other postsecondary institutions. 


UMM faculty, with staff leadership from Roger Wareham, presented the first RCR, Part 1, presentation originating from a coordinate campus.



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