Office of Admissions

Unit Annual Report




Bobbi Charles             Senior Office Specialist

Stephanie Chrismon    Admissions Counselor (67%, 2/1/03 until 6/30/03)

Viet Doan                    Associate Administrator (until 1/31/03)

Tim Droske                 Admissions Counselor

Scott Haag                   Director of Admissions (until 12/31/02)

Bryan Herrmann         Admissions Counselor (until 1/31/03), Assistant Director of Admissions- Communications/Data Technology Coordinator

Wendy Melberg          Office Specialist

James Mootz              Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment (from 1/1/03)

Andy Lopez               Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment (from 1/1/03)

Tieree Smith                Admissions Counselor

Leslie Zenk                 Senior Admissions Counselor (until 1/31/03), Assistant Director of Admissions- Publications/Travel Coordinator

Jennifer Zych              Senior Admissions Counselor (until 1/31/03), Assistant Director of Admissions On Campus Events Coordinator




The overall purpose of the Admissions Office is to enroll new students to the university. New students include, but not limited to, recent high school graduates, transfer students from other institutions, returning students after a two-semester absence from UMM, high school juniors and seniors, international students, and intra-university transfers.




The function of the Office of Admissions is to contact, admit, and enroll prospective students. In conjunction with this function, the Office of Admissions develops programs that will enable these student to secure the benefits of a liberal arts education at the University of Minnesota, Morris, regardless of their family resources. Also, it is our goal to enroll students with a profile that equips them to meet the challenges of a high quality, undergraduate institution.








The Office of Admissions is disappointed with the outcome of this past recruiting year. There were several bright spots in the increase in ACT scores and our continued ability to convert 50% or better of our admitted students to applicants. We continued to develop several publications, including Athletics, Study Abroad, and a Junior piece.  The Twin Cities Metro Area continues to be an important place for us to focus our efforts. We have worked to develop some relationships with programs that encourage students to attend college, such as Admissions Possible, Multicultural Excellence Program, and St. Paul Indian Education.


Major Changes recommended/plans for 2003-2004


Areas that have been selected for improvement for the 2003-2004 recruiting year:


  1. Budget to continue to work to operate within our allotted budget for the year
  2. Visability work to market the campus more effectively and efficiently to our target audiences
  3. Diversity to increase the percentage of students of color in the NHS class
  4. Website Redesign- work to have user friendly and strong electronic presence for future students
  5. Communication to involve the faculty in enrollment
  6. Quantity and Quality- to increase the number and ability of the entering high school class

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